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    Bedouin henna designs.

    Amazing tattoos.

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  2. // understand and always remember that you will never be granted something that’s not written for you


    Know that you will receive what He has assigned to you at the proper moment and time. [Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani]

    Thousands of people are chasing what you’re chasing and only those that He has written that for receives those pursuits. It always work out though, Alhamdulilah, because something 100 times better undoubtedly comes to you later in life that you start wondering why you wanted those initial things when Allah SWT wrote something more beautiful for you. 


  3. "The violence we teach our sons in teaching them to Be Men is the same that keeps us up at night worrying about our daughters."

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    yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.

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  4. "

    He said,
    ‘You can’t be a poet, you’re too tender.
    You’d never be able to stand the blows
    it takes to tell another’s story.’
    He paused.
    ‘And besides that,
    you don’t have a poet’s touch.
    You burn me. You scratch me.
    You leave gaping holes in me whenever you look at me.
    You’re not soft enough to be a poet.
    The noise in your head has to be turned down first.’

    I yawned. Looked out the window.
    Considered tenderly pushing him out of it.
    ‘So, what can a mess like me be?’

    'Well,' he began steadily, like this was
    the introduction to some grand speech
    he had practiced in the mirror,
    ‘Lucky for you I love you too much to let you go,
    so even with your flaws,
    you can be mine.’

    I waited for the punchline. It didn’t come.
    He had his hands outstretched towards me,
    waiting for me to take them and laugh with him
    about my flaws all the way back to his place.

    This was it. My fairytale.
    Prince charming was a wolf in a secondhand suit,
    licking his fangs at me in a rundown diner.
    And here I realized, as I excused myself to
    ‘powder my nose’, and then slipped out the
    side door, my worn slippers hitting the concrete
    faster than ever before, that perhaps I am not a
    damsel in distress, looking to be saved.
    Maybe I am the villain. The obstacle.
    Maybe every prince has been taught to save me from myself.
    Or maybe, just maybe,
    I am not a character that has been written before.
    Maybe no woman has. We are too multi-faceted, too real.
    We have circling wants that cannot be shoved into two hours
    and have a happy ending slapped on them.
    Maybe the stories are not telling enough.

    Maybe it’s up to me.


    I Woke Up With This Poem In My Head | Lora Mathis  (via lora-mathis)

    happy international women’s day! make sure to include ALL women and not make your definition of womanhood exclusionary. anyone who identifies as female, regardless of race, biological sex, or sexuality is a woman that deserves to be celebrated. 

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    i was watching a documentary on black hawk down and i had to make a gif of this lmaoo


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    Futo weyn, lugay, indho yare…..

    Y’all need to read this! 

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    Dinnertime :)

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    "To all the women who silently made history"

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    i damn near threw my laptop out the window when i saw this wtfffffff that thing looks like a god damned jinni

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  10. "

    I think the most painful realisation comes when you find that you cannot speak your mother tongue as well as you do the language of the land where you grew up. My English is evidence of this. When something as simple as a colour, or the name of an animal in your mother tongue leaves you dumb. Yesterday I could not find the world for ‘turtle’ in Somali, only after my mother reminded me, did I recall knowing it.

    We betray our mother tongues, for the languages of nations who will never fully accept us. We let the strangeness infest our mouths until we forget how to accommodate our original tongues.

    —  mother tongue, Farah Gabdon (via thegabdonwrites)