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  2. s-a-b-r:

    Ya Allah, help me.
    Grant me patience. 
    Put Your love into my heart. 
    Help me to control my anger and my tongue. 
    Help me please you in all aspects. 

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  3. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”
    ― Jim Henson"
  5. humans-of-seoul:

    “For 13 years, I had an extreme social anxiety disorder. I couldn’t leave the house sometimes; going to school was really terrifying for me. To cure myself, I tried every therapy from yoga to meditation, but it took 13 years until I finally found the solution, which helped me snap out of it right away. It was real quick compared to the long suffering.”
    “What was the cure you ended up finding then?”
    “I’d say to myself, screw what everybody else wants and what everybody else tells you to do. Follow your inner voice and do what you love at every moment.”

    “저는 13년 동안 대인기피증을 앓았어요. 가끔은 집을 나설 수도 없었어요. 학교에 가는 게 끔찍한 일이었거든요. 요가나 명상까지 모든 치료요법을 써봤지만, 결국 13년이 걸려 해결책을 찾았는데, 그 이후 병을 탈출하는 데 든 기간은 긴 고통의 기간에 비해 정말 짧았어요.”
    “그 찾아낸 해결책이 뭐였어요?”
    “다른 사람들이 저에게 기대하는 것들에 귀를 기울이지 말고, 제 안의 목소리를 듣고, 매 순간 제가 사랑하는 것들을 하는 거였어요.”

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  6. Reblog if it is alright if I come to your blog and anonymously confess something to you.

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  7. mellow-african:


    He was denied his right to smile ever again, 
    The 15 years old Palestinian boy Mohamad Abu Khdair who was kidnapped, tortured and burnt to death by terrorist Zionist colonists today at dawn, 2 July 2014.

    Istakhfurulah…. May allah have mercy on him. This boys’ family is in Minnesota too and my brother inlaw knows this boys older brother. So sad :((((

  8. flyartproductions:

    Just make sure you ahead of the game

    Kiyomitsu II, Torii Kiyomine / Work It, Missy Elliott

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    Somali Couple

    I love this! You never see black muslim couples, ever. When ever you search for Muslim couples or marriages you always end up getting Arab/Desi couple. This site mostly tooo.

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